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Rebuilding the Poly 318

From: Brian Wittling
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Date: September 30, 2002


Well guys, it has to be done. I took one last-ditch effort to save the Poly in my '58 Fury this weekend... Gunk Motor Flush and Bardahl "no smoke" were on sale at Wally-World. Effective, NO, but worth a shot - sure. After the "motor flush" draining the oil was quite the adventure - it shot out like projectile vomiting! refilled with straight 50wt oil and the Bardahl, and all seemed well for a while, until the drive around the neighborhood. At idle it doesn't smoke too much, but open up those carbs and holy moly! It's like a thousand 2-stroke Vespas going down the road.. maybe worse! LOL So, the harsh truth is that I'm in for a rebuild... This motor was supposed to be teh original... and there's no reason I shuoldn't beleive that.. BUT this weekend I noticed the motor # start FP31, which is supposed to be the '57 Fury... Is it possible a FP31 motor made it into a '58? The car only has 98,000 original miles on it, I find it unlikely that the motor would have been swapped out once before already... much less likely that another Fury motor was swapped into it! Anyway, I've got some scans of the Mopar Muscle article on the 400hp Poly. Sounds fun, but not sure I want to go that crazy. Does anyone have any good reccomendations for a mild performance rebuild? I'm thinking at minimum a balance & blueprint, and Port & polish of the heads. Hydraulic lifters sond nice too. Anything else I should do? Total seal rings? cam, timing set mods? blueprint the rockers like in the article, or is this all overkill? Also, what should something like this cost? I've gotten a quote from local shops in the $2,700 - $3,000 range for plain jane rebuilds... should i dismantle myself, send off for the machine work and mantle myself? OOOHhhhhh so many questions!!! Brian


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