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Voltage regulator question

From: sar
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Date: September 30, 2002


Hello. I think I may be having some probs with my voltage regulator. Car wasn't charging (57 Windsor), so I did the test layed out in the manual where the generator field wire is grounded to check generator output. It put out a solid 15 volts steady and easy. Generator's fine. So I move back to the regulator. Checked all wires, and cleanes all contact surfaces. Battery lead wire from ammeter has a full 12 volts from battery. I filed all the points clean and adjusted all the air gaps...generator is not receiving any current to the field coils. and there is nothing at the armature terminal. Best i can make of it, the current flows through the cut-out relay to provide current to the current relay? A friend of mine told me that you have to polarize the regulator to function properly...Is this true, and anyone know how it's done? Or should I just spring for a new regulator... thanks


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