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Re: 392 trans on a 325 - will it fit?

From: Hank Dozier
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Date: October 01, 2002


Tim...You can bolt a 392 Torqueflite to a Dodge 325. Patterns are the same. Use the Dodge starter with the Torqueflight converter. T-Flite all had water-cooled converters, so need to make a trans cooler and lines. Either put one in the radiator bottom tank or external in front of the radiator. The Aluminum Adaptor Plate on a 57/58 Dodge should be the same thickness as a Chrysler, so eveything will match up. Driveshaft length could be an issue, unless you find one from a T-Flite Dodge (or Plymouth or S-27 DeSoto) of correct year and wheel base. Other bits will be to find and use the push-button unit from the T-Flite (possibly year specific, so get the one that matches your dash opening). Also need the T-Flite push-button cable and brake cable. Finally, you will have to adjust the trans rod on your linkage to get it lined up and set correctly. Make SURE you use pressure gauges and set the trans line pressures correctly BEFORE driving, or you will burn the trans up. Pressure tap points and settings are in the Service Manuals.


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