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Re: Turn a 330 into an Adventurer? Huh

From: Hank Dozier
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Date: October 01, 2002


OK...Here is the deal. If you bore your 330 0.060 over, you go from 3.72 to 3.78 bore (341 CID). This is stock bore for a 1956 Adventurer S24A engine. Use the S24A Adventurer pistons and head gasket set, and you get the 9.25:1 Compression ratio. In 1957 the DeSoto block displaced 341 for both S25 (Firedome) and S26 (Fireflite). HP for S25 was 270, HP for S26 was 295. For modern SAE HP, subtract about 30 HP. They used the same camshaft, and the Comp Ratio was 9.25:1 (same steel shim head gasket as S24A). So with a 4bbl intake (WCFB carb) and 341, you will be around 250 HP. There was a cam profile change from 1956 to 1957 on engines other than Adventurer, so if your cam needs regrind, get the 1957 grind profile. Also, you might want to tweak your distributor to get the same advance as the 1957 engines had (again Adventurer is an exception). As for your block, it was different than 1956 Adventurer (thicker wallstock on S24A to take the overbore), but well within rebuild limits. The Adventurers also had selected cranks, but your 330 steel unit will be fine with a single 4-bbl. If you get a 1957 4bbl manifold, you can bore the openings larger and directly bolt up a AFB or Edelbrock carb, which will give better power.


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