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Re: '60 Fury, 361 SonoRamic

From: Joe Godec
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Date: October 01, 2002


Horace -- Sounds like the tires on that Dodge were Goodyear "Double Eagles" from what I remember from those days. Always wanted a set, but they were beyond my reach then. Heck, I thought 4-ply nylon 8.00X14s were almost beyond my reach, and I didn't replace the rayon 7.50s until they were worn out. Those old ram cars were fast, but I was fortunate that I never got caught speeding or engaging in a "speed contest" (the legal term for a street drag here in Colorado), so I can't really give you any documented specifics on top speed. However, if "Mn" stands for Minnesota and not Montana, 140+ at a lower altitude sounds about right and consistent with 135 or so I thought I could do up here.


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