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Use '62-64 pushbutton 727,this permits later engines

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: October 02, 2002


A '62-64 pushbutton 727 transmission will shift directly from your '57 Torqueflite dash pushbuttons(the cable directly hooks up). Pre-62 V8 engines (A and B series) have different crankshaft flanges than the '62-up engines. Getting the '62-64 trans. means you can use '62-up engines (including brand new Mopar Performance crate engines). If you intend to use an A-LA engine [318A(poly)-318LA-340-360],you need the '62-64 727 as used in 318-equipped B-Body cars of those years. If you want to use a B engine (361-383-413-426wedge-440) you need the B-engine '62-64 727 most commonly found in '62-64 Chryslers. There are some further variations and additional notes (for instance,using a post-91 "magnum" 360 or post-92 "magnum" 318 would require welding of balance weights on the torque converter),but that's the basics of what you should do. If you're going to swap,the '62-64 727 is the way to go.


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