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Re: Hey Alum Can - radiators

From: alumcan
Remote Name:
Date: October 02, 2002


What I 'think' that it was I stumbled onto, was 'two' different radiator sites. The first one, 'Dr. Radiator', with listings back in the 1940's. And when I tried to go back in at a later time, I stumbled into 'Radiator Dr', (the site 'you' found and mentioned.) Which at the time had me all confused, because 'both' sites were basicly the same, but two different companys, but not the same listings. Yes, that is the second site I stumbled onto. All I was trying to do, was give out some info to some who maybe wanted to buy a 'new rad' for their FwdLk vehicles, but instead, got myself messed up and confused, which nowdays is 'not' hard to do! Thanks, anyway.


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