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Hydraulic vs. Solid

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: October 02, 2002


It's nice to have a choice of hyd. or solid with Chris' cams,which is another point in their favor I forgot to mention. Modern hyd. cam profiles are better balanced than the original hydralic OR solid profiles. Solid cams do still have the advantage of more possible lift for a given duration. A MODERN solid cam profile can be a real surprise. For instance,the MP 284/".528" B-engine solid cam and the MP 284/".478 B hyd. cam. In the same 440 engine with these same duration cams,the solid cam had 16 more hp and 40 lb./ft. more torque on the flywheel dyno! In the car,the solid cam had a great torque spread at all rpms,whereas the hyd. wasn't coming on till at least 2800 rpm. I think the 4-cyl "Super 60" specs of 260 with a massive .490" lift could be a really neat street poly cam (and that duration/lift ratio would require a solid grind,of course),especially if nitrous were involved...


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