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Re: 331 is same as 330?

From: Hank Dozier
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Date: October 07, 2002


Tim...Totally different engines. Only things they share are timing sets and intermediate gears. The 331 is the first of the Chrysler "Firepower" engines from 1951. The DeSoto was designed afterwards, and came out as a 276 in 1952. For 1955, the bore was punched to 3.72 inches to give 291 CID. In 1956, the deck height of the DeSoto engine was raised by about 0.75 inch, and the stroke increased from 3.44 inches to 3.8 inches. With the bore staying the same 3.72 inches, the result was 330 CID. Also 331 Chryslers up to mid-1954 had a cast-in bellhousing extension that makes adapting modern transmission a real headache. You should try or your local Barnes&Noble/Border's book store, and pick up a copy of the Ron Ceridono "The Complete Chrysler Hemi Engine Manual". Tex Smith is the publisher. This contains a wealth of info on all the old engines. Also for checking parts IDs, get Leo Lindquist's "Hemi Engine ID Booklet". Both are available off the site.


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