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Re: Broken axle for design buck Ever find one?

From: alumcan
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Date: October 08, 2002


I figured that some one 'up in yer neck of the woods' would have given you a useless one. I got one, I'll give you. After my fire, during clean-up/throw-a-way, for some reason, I saved some of the stupidest pieces, and threw away stuff now I wish I haden't. Anyway, instead of saving the entire burnt up rear end out of the 300, I just cut out the center section, and then through the housing, axle, and saved about several inches 'in' from the backing plate out. Now, after years of thought, (no wonder I went to the 'nut' ward for a few days) I went to a tremendous amount of work to save a useless (?) 300 brake drum. Problem, weight? Even if I busted everything apart, that axle stub would probably weigh five pounds (?) Have more than it's worth mailing the thing up to you,,,,Whaddyathink?


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