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'60 front shock mounting point question:

From: Dave Lisiecki
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Date: October 08, 2002


O.K., this might be a dumb question, but here goes: I finally got the time to poke under the hood of my '60 Chruysler wagon project and noticed that one of the two front shock absorbers was missing. No big deal, BUT I can't figure out (the service manual doesn't have a good illustration) what the upper shock bolt attaches to. I know this sounds silly. But I can see straight down the "tube-thing" where the shock goes, clear down to the lower mounting point. But it appears that on the side that still has the shock in place, the "tube" must have some sort of "lid" with a hole for inserting the top of the shock from underneath, about the level of the upper control arm. Am I missing a mounting plate on the top of this tube-thing? Is it something that broke or fell off? The tube seems to have a contour that may have mated to another plate. Or the slight separation in the side seam might be a clue. I thought I'd ask you guys before I started disassembling the other side to figure it out. Looks nothing like my '71! After this, it's on to the brakes, which is another area where you all have helped a lot, thanks to the search function on this page.


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