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Re: Poly w/duals and especially headers is an awesome sound

From: loat1e
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Date: October 08, 2002


I have 2 1960 plymouths. One has 318 poly and pushbuttons and the other has a modern 360 with floor shifter. I hunted down some old looking finned edelbrock valve covers, louvered air cleaner and tried to keep all electronics hidden. To most people it looks period correct. Only the forward look people will know the difference. I even bought the pektronics, under the distributor cap, electronic ignition so it can't be seen. I bought the car with the conversion to 360 already done. I do feel better about having the more modern engine in terms of being able to go get the right part if I break down in BFE. I jut wish I could still have the push buttons. The other car has a very strong poly and I love it. I have a dual quad manifold but I'm looking for the aluminum 3x2 setup to put on.


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