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Re: dual master cyl. for AAJ disk brake conversion take 2

From: Mike Patterson
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Date: October 08, 2002


I did a did conversion on a 300F a few years ago (prior to the AAJ kits) The car had marginal brakes to begin with. When we pulled the master cyl to remove the residual pressure valve and rebuild it, we found two problems, the major one was that the wrong master cyl had been installed at some time,(it had a smaller bore than it should have 7/8" instead of 1" I think) and the push rod that operates the master Cyl was not adjusted out far enough. After putting the correct MC on and adjusting the push rod, the brakes worked great. To initally test the car, all the original brake lines were left as the factory installed them. We found no proportion valve was needed on this car, and its been driven on a regular basis since. Just a couple things to check.


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