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De-sludging in vehicle????

From: Hank Dozier
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Date: October 09, 2002


Brian...I believe that info thread was on the Exhaust Pipe forum, which is KAPUT at the moment. As a recap, most villages large enough to support 2 McDonalds now use an oven and burn off the sludge. If you find a hot-tank, it will take out your cam bearings, as the solution is caustic. That said, you MIGHT be able to desludge somewhat by removing your valve covers, oil pan and intake. Now use EZ-Off Oven cleaner to clean all these parts (with a paint scaper as help). For the rest of the engine, scarape the stuff off manually to the best of your abilities, rod out the oil drain holes with thick wire (coathanger seems to work), and then force air through the drains. Once you have the drain holes clean, try blocking off the drains and soaking everything else in the valley and heads with oven cleaner, and wipe out. Finish by washing off with kerosene, and then reassemble the engine rocker covers, pan and intake manifold. Now run the motor flush through it, drain, and when you refill, put half a quart of ATF in with the oil (very high detergent stuff). Run your vehicle for about a week, and then change the oil. This might clean it up enough to keep it on the road a while. I would suggest maybe changing your oil every 2K, and putting on a PCV system to prevent further "road draft sluding" from occurring.


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