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Re: De-sludging in vehicle????

From: Brian Wittling
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Date: October 09, 2002


thank you very much Hank, this is the type of suggestions I was hoping for! You're the first to mention oven cleaner though. mostly I've just heard the "gallons of kerosene and lots of scraping" suggestions. I've also been told thinks like the ATF, and running NON detergent oil for a short time. Since I don't plan on driving it all that much even after this is done, I think the PCV thing can wait... but after the rebuild sounds like a swell idea - any tips for an inconspicuous retro-fit? I just hope it helps.. driving the car right now is worse that the mosquito foggers that run through the streets! Now for the pesky task of removing the oil pan w/out pulling the engine.... Brian


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