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Some questions about the 331 hemi...

From: Tim
Remote Name:
Date: October 09, 2002


I am still on a serach forthe right motor, but i have found one that seems right for me. It's a 55 331 hemi, and i was hoping to put it in my 57 desoto firesweep. Currently have the 325/2speed, as im sure you all know by now, lol. The 331 is "stuck" for sitting for a long period of time. Is it a big job to get it "unstuck"? Keep in mind i plan to do a quality rebuild on the whole motor. Will the 331 fit the dodge frame? Will i have to do any cutting or welding? I had planned to use the 2-speed thats in the car, for a while at least. Will it bolt up to the 331, and will the torque converter work with it as well? Is there anything else involved in dropping the motor in? Bassically need to know everything ill be doing to "fit" on the frame, and to the trans. Thanks for the help!!!


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