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Re: Just bought a1957 Plymouth Belvedere but hiding it from the ...

From: Kenny J.
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Date: October 15, 2002


I simply placed my latest project ('59 Plymouth two door wagon) in the driveway and said nothing. My wife came home, looked it over and called me the "Mother Theresa of old cars." Nothing more said. She has seen several previous projects turn out well, others stalled (like the disassembled '59 Chevy four door in the garage) and others abandoned and sold off or parted out. Take your wife to a car show and see how she reacts to the vintage beasts. Everybody is different, but I'd rather just bring the thing home and have it out in the open. Restore what you like. Sure, it costs as much to restore a four door and it won't be as valuable in the market place as a two door. But any restored car will begin to deteriorate once you start driving it, just like new cars do. So let the people who wish to build serious competetive show cars have the coupes and convertibles if you want a car to drive. Just make it safe and reliable, do the paint and interior as you wish to and ignore the morons who may get on your case for "wasting" time and rare old parts on a four door. You may also catch some flack from some people for either going too stock or for going too modified. Opinions are subjective. Do what pleases you. We are here to help and share our experiences. Remember, sometimes the pleasure one receives for spending money is the return for one's "investment." Do people get a monetary return for going on an ocean cruise, taking a trip to Europe, going out for an expensive night on the town, etc.? My other '59 Plymouth wagon, a four door, has been both a pleasure and a pain for the eighteen years I've owned it. There will come a time when I'll have to seriously consider whether or not to keep it as it is or do some updating so I don't have to be at the mercy of hobbyist vendors for certain items that wear out. But it is fun when somebody in a $45,000 Mercedes chases me down and tells me about his grandfather's '57-'59 Dodge/Plymouth/ Chrysler wagon and how seeing my car made his day. Or seeing the pride in our eight year old daughter's eyes when I pick her up from a school or Brownie Scout function with the old beast and her friends are impressed. Best wishes with your project and keep us posted. Maybe our webmaster can include a "Foreward Look Restoration Primer" with the most frequent questions and answers when he redesigns the site in the near future. Meanwhile, Hank, Daven and Gavin seem to be our gurus! :-)


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