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Re: Air suspension

From: adam
Remote Name:
Date: October 15, 2002


I thought about doing this to my 57. After working out what it would cost to do it properly, I just setteled for lowering the standard suspension a bit. I figured out that to switch to air would be ok at the back if I removed all the leaf springs except one which would locate the axle. This would sink the back on the floor. Then the airbags could be mounted between the rear crossmember and the axle. Fairly minoe fabrication. The front end was the major problem. You would need to remove the torsion bar and "A" arms and weld in an entire front suspension with crossmember. Something like the street rod ones from Fatman Fabrications that use Mustang 2 parts. Then convert the springs to airbags. BIG BUCKS. If you can afford to do that, go for it. If not, just wind the torsion bars down a bit. Good luck.


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