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Re: Air suspension

From: Brian Cooper
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Date: October 16, 2002


I would not use Air Shocks for my rear suspension if I were you. They are not meant for that kind of abuse. I have seen abused air shocks break a shock mount off, and the sorry leafs bottomed out and bent the frame as the car left the road and flipped. Spend the money on de-arched leafs, use good gas shocks unless you plan to tow, and be safe. I run air shocks on my truck and both of my wife's Camaros (dual lines for adjusment and better spring preload, killer launches on the street) so I am not down on them at all. They work great for what they were designed for. They were not designed to support the rear of the car, rather they smooth out bumps. I also feel that removing leafs from spring packs that have no doubt been on the car for over forty years is not safe. The added stress to the remaining leafs could cause a failure of the primary leaf and then you're sunk. Your front idea sounds feasible, however. I believe that I would leave the torsion bars in place to support the vehicle in case of a failure. I have never heard of an airbag failure though, so the torsion bars would just be free insurance since they are already there.


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