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Re: Air suspension - You could try this

From: Adam
Remote Name:
Date: October 17, 2002


Rick, I actually fitted Rear Springs from a 72 Pontiac Firebird (Shock Horror - Don't give me any crap, Alumcan) to my 57 Fury. They pretty much bolted straight on to be honest. I did have to trim the rubber bushes at the front eye to fit the forward bracket but the back was ok. Also, I had to redrill (tough) the springs to locate the axle perch in the centre of the wheelarch. Last, I had to fit an angle shim kit under the axle to restore the correct angle of the axle pinnion.The Fury is a lot heavier than a Firebird so the car sits WAY low at the back. I added Coilover shocks to stop it bottoming out. I will be going home this weekend and can email you (or anyone else) some pics of the installation if you want to see how it looks. Let me know. Adam


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