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Re: Retore Original or custom?? Myt car is originally red.

From: Steven Dean
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Date: October 21, 2002


Hey Tim... I agree with both sides of this argument. On one hand, yes, there are alot of Christine clones already. On the other, there are way too many more '57 Chevvies. My point? ANY '50's car other than a Chevrolet will be different at most local car shows, whatever the color. Sure, original is nice, but paint the car how you'd like it. Heck, my car is constantly being called a Christine clone, but it came from the factory red and white. (it's a '58 four door Savoy)... And one of the other comments is right. People will call just about any light colored fin car a Christine anyway - Dark colors are considered "Batmobiles"...Bottom line...Paint the car what you'd like and enjoy the attention. Oh, as for Tulsa '07...those with NON-red '58 Plymouths will get the attention... you bet on that...


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