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Manifest Destiny and Canadian Mopars

From: Bob O.
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Date: October 22, 2002


Thanks for all the information Hank.... as always! One odd thing I've noticed is that in both my (US Chrysler produced) Plymouth factory shop manuals, the valve covers are shown as 3 bolt! Since it's the same illustration, I can only think that this must have been an illustration from the first year (1956 Canadian-built?) which they just re-used in later editions since it is such a minor change. Members who own either of these books will also notice that the crankshaft/pan end cap seals are also incorrect, showing the solid square-section seals as opposed to the flattened ones with little rubber tits that are found on (I think) any US built car. Even though my Canadian engine is a 1961, I had to order a 1956 Felpro pan kit to get the correct square-section seals. All this is minor detail, but can be a headache for ordering replacement parts for Canadian-built engines. Now, if Canada had only been annexed to the US last century, none of this confusion would have occurred <|:-)) (Hey, I can say that, I'm a Canadian, ey!)


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