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Life is short, memory shorter

From: Bob O.
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Date: October 22, 2002


2000.....Wow! That's just like Christine! 2003...... Oh, yeah... another Christine clone. 2006..... Christine? ================ definitely paint it the color YOU like, and if that's Camaro red and white, it's your money and your car. But don't imagine it'll get you more money in a couple years from now, maybe just the opposite. When red and white becomes UNpopular, the cost of stripping and repainting will be subtracted from the value of the car. Long term the most original car will ALWAYS have the highest value..... and that includes the 318 as opposed to a 440, pushbutton Torqueflite as opposed to a floor shift etc. etc. PS. If anyone reading this believes their classic car is an investment, well, please contact me direct, 'cos I've got some excellent Internet start-up companies that I'd like to off-load (oops) recommend.


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