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There's two opinions on everything: mine and the wrong one.

From: Bob O.
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Date: October 22, 2002


Del... All I have to say is that you must be a lot OLDER than me!! And since that's unlikely, you've certainly got a lot better memory for the details of movies than I do. I wouldn't recognize ANY of those vehicles on the street as anything other than the model and year (hazy on the 68 vs 69 Charger, and the 32 Ford would have me looking for the insignia). So I guess until you Older Movie Buffs die out, then some of those movie clones are going to have some value? Still, no clone has been done to death like Christine, surely. We're also not going to get very far comparing short-term fads to long-term value: For instance, it amuses me that people have been paying out big bucks recently for Enron souvenirs in the belief they're investing when no one will remember the company's name in ten years from now. Ditto with Christine.


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