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57 plymouth 2sp powerflite issues

From: phil
Remote Name:
Date: October 23, 2002


i have a 57 sedan with a 301 and 2spd AT. when the car is in neutral it makes a whirring sound almost like a worn out generator, it's really subtle though. after a closer evaluation i've determined it's not the generator or the waterpump. like i said it only does it in neutral and it doesn't go away with increased rpm's. it's shift just fine, doesn't slip and is always full of fluid. it does have a really slight leak around what looks to be vent on the fwd, passenger side of the tranny. i'm new to these cars and am wondering if it's a normal sound or a pricey one. and the leak is sporatic sometimes it's the size of quarter and other times it's like an ihop pancake. i've heard these cars leaked in the showroom, new and that's just part of the deal. any experienced insight would be greatly appreciated.


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