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57 2spd powerflite issues cont.

From: phil
Remote Name:
Date: October 23, 2002


a closer inspection of my trans indicates to me that something behind the torque converter is leaking (fluid is coming from the small vent on the right side for sure). i removed the inspection cover and found the entire torque converter to be dry as bone. i assume it must be some kind of pump seal, o-ring or something. i have no schematics of the transmission to look at so i'm guessing. there is also fluid coming from the other locations but i believe that it is a very small portion of the leak. the rear main seal is also leaking pretty good as well. my questions is does anyone have any cool/smart tricks for removing the tranny like special tools, any removal sequence, best vehicle position? and replacing the seals? i've done work like this before, but i thought i'd ask before i just plunge into this one.


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