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Re: does anyone still make them!! I doubt it,,,,

From: alumcan
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Date: October 24, 2002


Porta-walls. That's what them boogers were called. They are even mentioned in a Jan and Dean song about a '38 Buick. Something about big chrome stars on the side of the hood,,,,lights in the fenderwells, (Waaayyy before neon lights) and porta-walls,,,,. It was a quick, cheap, effective, way (not too good lookin' though) to make cheapie blackwall tires into the popular white walls. At highway speeds of today, I'd be 'frade of 'em! I still see 'em fer sale every now and then on E-bay, and up at Carlisle. I just look and chuckle at myself, thinking of the ways I tried to make white walls out of black back there in the white wall era. Uunnnh! Some were out and out stupid. But what was a young redneck (never heard of 'that'term back then) buck 'sposed to do on .50 an hour hayfield wages.


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