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what to sell( hard choices to make)

From: erik aase
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Date: October 25, 2002


my problem in a nutshell is moneys tight baby on the way. please help me with the following decisions. 56 desoto 2drht (fireflite sportsman) no engine,needs rockers, rear quarters and floor. 56 desoto 4drht all complete, engine not running, body rough. I do have a ton of extra desoto parts. 56 dodge custom royal, no engine or tranny, body very good. 56 chrysler windsor, all complete, body sad, 331 spifire poly(hemi potential). I also have a 55 331 chrysler hemi. To be original I need an S24 330 hemi for the sportsman however i'm worried about availability due to market demands. I have a S23 in the 4dr but I probably would get more "seed" money for my other projects if i sold it as complete and original. By the way I'm a university student in canada on a shoestring budget. Now that i've given you all the variables heres's the rub. I can keep only the poly and one hemi. What would you do? and why?


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