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Re: can not save the world

From: Jimmy
Remote Name:
Date: October 26, 2002


Erik, That may be infatuation buddy. It may not be true love. Cause 9 times out of 10 when you take the car home and park the old girl in the garage you start seeing her real side. She loses a little gleam when you sit down in the front seat and the seat falls through the rusted floor board. When those wasps come out of the trunk and chase you a half mile down the road cause you invaded their home, you somehow blame her. Or how about when you kick her front end in frustration only to have the bumper fall off on your foot. may consider a "divorce" at that point. But who else would be fooled by her past glory (except Mopar mania nuts like us who are too distant in geography to accomodate the "addiction")? The farmer is now happily rid of her and he wants no part of a reunion. You advertise in the local paper for someone, anyone, to come take her out of your life but no gentlemen callers seek her out. She now becomes your shame. And you now hide her in an obscure corner of the yard where you won't have to view this object of your scorn. You realize that what you had for her was fleeting and only good for a "one day" stand! See, it really wasn't love after all. :0)


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