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Re: '58 Fury owner's name plaque location

From: Paul B
Remote Name:
Date: October 26, 2002


Thanks for the input, everybody. Looks like the trans hump is the place for the plaque. If there's a picture anywhere on line, though, I'd love to see it... As a postscript, I made a toy run today and found a 1/18 '58 Fury from an outfit called Motor Max. It was black with a tan interior and, unlike the Ertl one, actually says "Fury" on the quarter panel insert (I figure that's missing from the Ertl car because they molded the same trim for both the Fury and the Belvedere and just added the gold tone for the Fury). I left it there, but I may go back and get it. Couldn't see if it had the plaque, though...


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