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Rear window removal/installation Desoto

From: Tim
Remote Name:
Date: October 28, 2002


My 57 desoto firesweep tends to leak a little. The "caulking" i guess, underneath the stainless molding around the bottom of the rear-windsheild has rotted away, and is leaking. I want to pop the window out so i can clean out the surface rust so it doesn't spread, then put the window back in. The rubber stripping around the window is not cracked or rotted at all. I was going to try to save it. But does anyone know where i could order this rubber stripping just in case? Is the window very difficult to pop out? Has anyone done this before, who might have some suggestions so i don't break it? (anyone know where i could get a new rear window in case i do break it?!)


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