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Re: A "Site" To Behold.......

From: Adam Green
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Date: October 30, 2002


Thanks for the comments. No, it's not patronizing at all. Running and restoring an American car in England is an expensive hobby though. You can get a surprising amount of spares "off the shelf" to be honest. I run an 86 Chevy Blazer for a daily driver as well and I can get all the service items at a specialist dealers which is only 4 miles from my house. These parts cost pretty much the same as parts for our own cars, I suppose the dealers can bring them over in bulk. What does cost is buying/importing "one off" items. For examle, I am intending to get my camshaft from Hughes Engines in IL. They list for $152 on their website but it will cost me double that by the time it is shipped and I pay the import tax. The other killer for us here is the price of gas. Currently we are paying the equivalent of $5.50 a gallon. Most of that is tax of course. Could be time for another revolution along the lines of the Boston Tea party. Ian, Gavin, are you with me?


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