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Re: 413 2X4 vs 318 2X4 Help

From: ForwardLook Frank
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Date: October 30, 2002


Hello. Well, there's no replacement for displacement. The 318 2-4bbl had a stock rating of 290H.P.. The 413 with 2-4bbls had 380 with the inline setup and hydraulic cam, 390 with the cross ram and hydraulic cam, and 400 with the short ram and mechanical cam. If it were me, the $50 extra would buy a much more powerful motor. The 413 also has another 115-135 more ft. lbs of torque than the 318. Remember, torque is what makes the wheels move, not the horsepower. They also are pretty close as far as weight. Go for the 413. If you have any other questions, let me know. Take Care- Frank


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