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Stephen King's new 'car' novel

From: alumcan
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Date: October 30, 2002


Just saw a copy of Stephen King's new 'killer car' novel; "From a Buick 8" I just glanced through it and found similaritys to "Christine". "Christine" took place up in "Fearless Leader's" neck of the woods, Pittsburgh, PA. "Buick 8" takes palce in a State Police barracks in 'rural PA'. Glancing through "Buick 8" it is mentioned that the Buick is a blue, '54 Roadmaster. But on the cover, the Buick is a '53. The back cover of "Christine",,,,well, all you guys know what year Ply that is, King is sitting on! The '8' refered to, means the infamous 'straight eight' Buick motor that's been in Buicks since Tom Mix could shoot 20 'bad guys' with 2, pearl handled, six shooters. Anyway, '53, was the last year for the straight eight motor. Didn't the 'Nail Head' Buick motor come out in '54? Does anyone think that there will be a 'cult' following of a bunch of Blue '54 Buick Roadmasters, like there is of red and white '58 Plymouths? 'My' opinion,,,,,I seriously doubt it. The red and white '58 Plymouth WILL be the ONLY serious movie 'cult car for a long time! The 'only' (somebody correct me if I'm worng) non MoPar 'cult car' that has a 'following', even it's own class at Ford's Carlisle, is the Starsky and Hutch, white striped, '75 (?) Ford Torinio.(however you're 'spose to spell it) If John Carpenter/someone else, makes a movie about "Buick 8" They will have BIG trouble duplicating the Pennsylvania State Ploice cars/uniforms. They simply DO NOT allow it, period. Will Stephen King, like the "Christine" movie, NOT make a cameo appearance, as he has done in the rest of the movies basied on his books? If I ever get time, I would like to read "Buick 8" Some time ago there was mention if "Christine" was another make of vehicle what would it be? "Einstine" said, a '61 front Ply clip on a '60 Ply body. Someone else mentioned, (I really don't want to spend an hour 'truckin' through the archives to give credit where credit is due. That person will probably step forward)that "Christine" should be a 'mean looking' '59 Buick. (Right church, but wrong pew. How close could you get by guessing!?) Opinions any/everyone?


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