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TN hemi engine shop

From: Mr. Magoo
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Date: October 31, 2002


yes we do offer engine building services . hemi are all that we do we make all the parts for the early hemis water pump adapters timing covers ect every thing that we do is in house we are the shop that is makeing the hemi kits to make a 318 360 a block into a early hemi we make are own cast aulm water jacketed heads and intakes cams pistons every thing that you would need to do the job and make it look just like a 354 hemi we also do early hemis the 354 hemi that iam advertiseing is a complete motor from carbs to oil pan ready to drop in and the asking price is $7500.00 i hope we can help you out with anything for the hemi motors if you have any questions feel free to call me any time at 1-615-441-3903 iam just outside nashville tn or email me back and i will get right back to you


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