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Re: Stephen King's new 'car' novel " Alumcan's Nov(el)"

From: alumcan
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Date: November 01, 2002


Adam, let me 'dwell' on the 'Buick Club' statement. I was refering to that Mr. King, being 'into' '59 Caddys, shoud know more about Buicks, than say, a Ford guy. Let me put it this way. You have the only (?) '57 Fury in the United Kingdom, right? You know just about everything there is to know about '57 Plymouths in general, right? You have been up, down, and around, this web site, right? You have seen the differnces in pictures between a '61 Dodge, and say, a '55 DeSoto, and know the differnces, by 'you' posting and reading 'other's' posts, right? Ok, see if you can 'pick' up on what's wrong with 'this' little story. (If Mr King is Caddy/GM, he shoud know about the year/motor differnce in a Buick) Story opens; The hansome, wavy haired, square jawed, muscular, 6'2" just killed his wife, buried her in a fake wall of his house, so he now can go fornicate his one of three, (seceret to each other) girlfriends. After 30 days goes by, he gets a $35,000. check for his slain wife's life insurance policy. He then goes to a popular men's haberdashery, and buys a wardrobe of the finest and stylish of men's clothing. Suites, sports attire, dinner jackets, and even two tuxedos for impressing the ladies so that they are 'mere putty' in his roaming , but experienced hands. He also bought a famous WWII outfit, brown lether jacket, with it's white fur lined collar turned up around a flowing, pure white, silk scarf 10 feet in length, made famous by the heroic WWII B-17 bomber crew of the Memphis Belle. On his way home he passes a Chrysler Plymouth Dealer. Behold, what caught is eye, that made him turn at the next block and drive back to that dealer, right up to the showroon glass? One of the most stunning, white over gold, brand new, '55 two door Imperials, he ever saw. He scoweled, at the thought of his slain wife making him drive a lowly '53 Nash Rambler. Now that is is a rich playboy, this leather interiored, real air conditioned, with power windows, top, seat, a signal seeking raido, and real wire wheels with flipper bar center caps. Not to metion the genuine white walled nylon high speed tires, plus the powerful, high compression, dual four barrled hemispherical eight cly motor, was going to be 'his' kind of automobile! After a short test drive, a deal was met. Good buy the old 'tied down' husband with a Nash, he is now Langley Wallingford, B-17 pilot, all around rich playboy, in a new 1955 Imperail! In the six months following the Imperial purchase, casino debts, too many women to hide from each other, he devised a plan. He needed more money and found an easy, legal, way to get it! He married girlfirned #1 in a 'quicky' Las Vegas wedding. Two weeks later he married the second girl freind under another alias. His plan was a double murder! Eash wife was to find out about the other, then kill each other out of sheer jealousy. Everything went according to plan. Plus he got $68,000 double life insurance policy. Since that murder worked, why not do it again. Girl friend #3 was a 'B' girl by trade and her body was just too good to murder. She was his willing sex slave, and he, her slave. So arrangements were being made to get two more girls as wifes. However, the Chrysler dealer during a routine maintenance schudle, noticed that the Imperial was a year old, and has a whopping 36,000 miles on it! Where was this guy driving to, to put that kind of milage on a year old vehicle!? Our murderious Langley Wallingford, was out on a starry, very warm, moonlite night, with his 'B' girl friend, who had just had passionate sex at her apartment, and was driving along the flat coast highway, top down, she, stark naked, him, in his beloved B-17 bomber outfit, with the white scarf billowing out behind him like a whie ribbon. When they slowed down to turn into a wooded spot for more sex,,,,suddenly! he felt something with a vice like grip closing off the life giving air to his lungs! He slamed on the brakes, trying to claw at the thing around his neck! When out of the woods stepped ALL FOUR girlfriends! They were NOT dead! HOW could this be!? His mind was racing now ! They were DEAD! He watched them KILL each other! He heard them all laughing, but what was chocking him!? In the last fleeting stages of consious, he heard all five girls laughing and saying that they didn't even have to touch him. He killed himself for them. All that money would be theirs now. For what he didn't know, they each took out a $55,000 life policy on HIM! How could he kill himself like they said? As he took his final heave, one of the girls said "lookey here, his pretty white scarf got all tangled up in the left rear center cap and tightened it's grip around the devious neck of poor lit,,,,,,,,blackness, and then damnnation of Hell. Now,,,Adam, what is wrong with that story? I know that you and others will know. I'm just prooving a point that Mr. King should know. Agreed?


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