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Re: Possible reproduction parts projects OK, what's the catch?

From: Lee Exline
Remote Name:
Date: November 01, 2002


I am testing the waters to see if there would be enough interest to proceed with this project. if they did not look exactly like the originals and made with the same materials I would not even consider it. if you looked at the pictures of the rear quarters you could see that they do quality work. I would hope that there could be an initial order of much more than 100 so that tooling cost would be spread out and decrease the overall cost per part. Where and when? what the hell does that matter? how long have many restorers been looking for a decent tank? and are they not willing to pay for shipping. NOS tanks are non existant and even southern tanks can rot out from the top when moisture collects between the trunk pan and the top of the tank. and gas splashing out of the tank when driving or dripping out in the garage are not good things. I know a lot of people want to get everything as cheap as possible but a gas tank can not be repaired with a bondo job. and are a very important for safe operation of the car after restoration or to replace a weak tank on a long term driver. float assemblies can be repaired! and universal floats could be modified with the proper style pickups plus when the tank is mounted they are not visible so an aftermarket unit would not matter. i am looking at the 23 gallon passenger car tanks not at the 22 gallon wagon tanks.


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