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nope they would not fit 56 (trunk mat answer also)

From: Lee
Remote Name:
Date: November 02, 2002


the tanks would fit 57-59 Chrysler Desoto Dodge and Plymouth except wagons. the best process I can think of to reproduce trunk mats is a two piece fiberglass mold with lots of cross bracing. the originals were heat cured in large presses with hard tooling and high temperatures using heat cured rubbers but lets face it your not going to be able to do that. find a perfect orignal and make a fiberglass negative cast off of the face and brace it very well. after this cures flip it over and make a mold of the other side and make sure to add a place to pour in the liquid rubber and places for the air to vent out of the mold. the two sides should bolt together and be very ridged. after the second half has cured seperate the mold halves and remove the vent and pouring hole cores and coat the mold with a mold release (vasoline or commercial product) then bolt the two sides back together and stand on end with the pour and vent holes at the top. get a proper color and durometer liquid rubber from or similar supplier and pour it into the mold until it comes out the vents rock shake ond jostle the mold to help any trapped air find it's way7 to the vent or Vents careful pouring will also help ensure that a minimal amount of air is trapped and allow to cure. because of the pressure of the product in the mold if the mold is not braced well the finished casting will be thicker in the middle than on the sides. if you want to test this process on a smaller project first try it on a floor mat I have a original forward look Mopar nos rubber mat I will loan you. If you have further questions call me I am in the book in Iowa.


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