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Re: UK Christine

From: Gavin
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Date: November 02, 2002


Unless there were more than one made (which is always possible) I believe the car your talking about used to be owned by a guy in the town where I now live (Bexhill-on-sea). We moved out of London about 6 years ago and were delighted to find that a local owned a "Christine" lookalike. We contacted him and met up, he showed us the car but we didn't get to see it running. The guy's name was Steve, the car was a 1958 Plymouth Fury 2 door. It looked OK from the outside but the inside was trimmed in burgundy velour (Yuk!) To be honest I think it was out of his league to restore it and sure enough we never saw or heard of it being driven anywhere. Then a year or two back it turned up in the pages of "Classic American" (the best magazine for owners of american cars here in the UK) with a new owner. If I get time I could try to dig out the mag but I wouldn't hold out too much hope given that I have piles of these mags spread around the house due to continually ongoing building/decorating disruption and arrival of our little boy. Hope that helps a bit !


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