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Re: Is it a 'b' or 'rb' ?

From: Chris Lemos
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Date: November 03, 2002


I'm a muscle car guy, and this is my 1st FL car, so I could be wrong here, but at least in the newer torqueflights('62-up) , blowing the tranny fluid out the dipstick is usually a sign of a clogged vent. In the aluminum torquflights the vent is behind the torque converter, at the top of the front pump. Haven't had the cast iron tranny out of my '59 Sara' yet, so I don't know if they are the same, but it looks like the vent is there in the service manual. Also, while I have the manual out, it says to check: oil level regulator-valve sping converter control valve breather (my 1st guess above) oil strainer front pump-drive seal regulator valve body, gaket, surfaces


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