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Replacing Rusted Floor Pans

From: Jessica Hendricks
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Date: November 03, 2002


This kinda goes on from the post made earlier below... Im currently replacing the floor pans in my desoto, and not particularly interested in dishing out the expense of each replicated pan-- so i've purchased the sheet metal, some lead shot, a long cloth sack and a rubber mallot. Theses are a few tips i have picked up from Rod & Custom... You can get your stock looking floors without the cost, however you'll have to put a little more time into it. Basically you fill the bag with lead shot and mark where the stamped grooves are located on the sheet metal. Then you place the bag beneath the metal and hammer gently away with the rubber mallot. You can even make multiple sacks (which is what i did) to get large sections done in an acurate placement and faster amount of time. Just be sure to do section by section at a time when cutting out your floors--you dont want your body to flex on you without having to take the time to make a brace. Well, happy motoring :) Jessca Hendricks


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