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Airborn Chrysler(or how not to unload)

From: erik aase
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Date: November 11, 2002
Time: 20:28:41


Thought I would relay a funny story from earlier in the summer now that the board is clear. i live up in northern British columbia where the ravages of a current recession due to forest industry woes has created a buyers market for collector cars. I purchased and draggged home (to my brothers house, my wife would be unimpressed) a 60 chrysler windsor 4drht that i purchased for $400 canadian(260 u.s.). The body was rough however it had a good grill,bumpers,flightsweep trunk,hubcaps,spinner seats, dash and other misc chrome. the owner said it ran when parked however I was skeptical. After I got it home my friends and I proceeded to drink beer and look at the car. Wonder if it starts. So we bypassed a hose right into the fuel pump,plunked in a battery and cranked it over. After several cranks I decided to expedite the process and poured about a cup of gas down the carb. Flame shot up about 1 foot above the carb and the 383 roared to life. Boy did I have a big shit eating grin on my face. The motor ran strong and did not burn any blue. After another beer to celebrate(our beer is 5.5%) we decided to back it off the car trailer under power. First I had to put a milk crate to sit on since the seats were out.I also had to rig up a hand throttle thru the firwewall as the pedal was gone. Naturally I selected the mechanics best friend( a coat hanger). My brother aarived home at this time and told us to make sure that we dončt take out the basketball pole that was 20 feet behind the car. After a round of we got everything under control he disappeared into the house. Feeling a bit giddy from the excitement and the 4 beer I clambered into the old girl and fired it up. My best friend said just take your time and ease it off. No shit I replied. I worked the coat hanger linkage with my right arm,waited for the revs to fall and then pushed the R button with my left hand. Next thing I knew was thrown backwards as the chrysler spun out on the metal deck. As I fell over I can remember feeling airborn as the chrysler launched off the car trailer. When the car touched down I was thrown forward into the padded dash. Moments later a loud crash, the car stopped, the engine died.Silence ensued. Then came the loud howls and laughter from my assembled friends. Apparently I had smashed into the pole after all. My brother appeared on the scene and was trying to give me shit amongst all the drunken laughter. Fortunately besides my wounded pride the only damage to the car was a liitle dent in the bumper! I later found that this was an 383 rb engine which had 325hp stock. the moral of the story: easing a car off a trailer happens best when the car is not running and the pit crew has their wits about them!


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