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Re: rt .50 mountains ",,,,,,,take me home, country roads,,,,,,"

From: alumcan
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Date: November 13, 2002
Time: 23:25:15


Joe, TWO lane Route 50, from Clarksburg, WV over to Windchester, VA is one of the eastern seaboard's most senic drives. Notice I said, 'one of the most'. Not counting Route 1 down out of Maine, and the Skyline Drive in VA. West Virginia Rt. 50 has more differnt senic organised tours than just about any other road in the nation! I have seen tour busses with Nevada/Western States license plates! I've talked to groups of Harley riders from Wash State, that were on the HOG (Harley Owners Group) Portland to Portland (Oregon to Maine) tour, and were down here just to ride a 'real two lane road'. To those who ride, you know what I'm talking about. To those who don't/hadn't, (somebody else might be able to explain it better than me) there is no greater feeling of the wind in yer face, throwing a heavy 'touring type' bike, back and forth into each turn, either kicking up sparks off the left hand kick stand, or a $100. chrome right side muffler/pipe! I have been on 50 eastbound, around Grafton WV, and have my 'leathers' in the bag. Get up around Aurora, in Preston County, before crossing into Maryland, and there would be snow sticking to the grass! Were you traveling West? The "Hairpin Turn", you know the one, going around it with a car trailer west bound, you can read your own trailer license #! Tractor Trailers have to go around HPT one at a time! You came up that mountain! Picture yourself going down it! Did you stop at that souviner place that has all of the old steam tractors/farm machinery/junk/cars/trucks/whatever, all around it? I'm surprised you didn't see/pass several tour busses. With the Fall Folage this time of the year, Rt 50 is very colorful. When you came through Fellowsville, WV, passeed where Rt 92 South turned off to the left. A good mile later you came to where Rt 92 North turned off to the right, right there, you were around 20 miles from me! Route 50 is VERY well known around the biker groups. There have been buddies of mine who have been to Daytona/Sturgis, and once other bikers find out that they are from West Virginia, the converstion truns to Route 50! If you are NOT used to 'kiss yer butt' turns, up hill, down hill, around the hill, STAY OFF Rt 50 in the winter time! But, if you want to see a winter wonderland of 'virgin snow', that's the road to see it on! When John Denver came out with the song, "Country Roads", is some rural places, Rt 50 is one, 'Almost Heaven' is a perfect description!


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