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Medieval Philosophy and Mopar Maintenance

From: Bob O.
Remote Name:
Date: November 17, 2002
Time: 12:01:05


What I meant was that in older vehicles with weird relationships between different electrical components, that the ultimate solution if all else fails is to take a ground wire all the way to the battery! Usually you just need to clean up all contacts, however, and with lights I've found it usually solves all problems if I remove the whole unit and spend time with steel wool or other abrasives cleaning rust/grease/etc. away, and then reassemble. I used to use a voltmeter and do continuity tests etc., but clean contacts and especially grounds will solve 99% of all electrical malfunctions. A medieval philosopher namned John of Ockham formulated a principle called Ockham's Razor, which basically states: don't look for a complex reason for a malfunction until you have eliminated the simple reasons.


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