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Re: Pictures of my '56 DeSoto before Restoration Began

From: Hank Dozier
Remote Name:
Date: November 20, 2002
Time: 14:36:00


Devon...Looks like you have a very solid start in a clean, straight body. From the pictures you posted, it even looks like the body lines are still OK (no sags to produce gaps and mismatches of panels). You should make SURE that if you plan to completely change the colors of this vehicle that you first make sure you put all the panels into alignment via shims and possible elongation of holes. Do this FIRST, and then when you paint everything, it will make sure the holes are sealed over with paint to prevent that "hidden" corrosion from starting. Color scheme depends on how you want to finish the interior. If you are keeping the door panels and carpet/seatcovers the same color, then you just need to find the correct exterior colors that match and look to be good to YOUR tastes. If you are changing everything, then its whatever colors you think look best. I would still try and keep the two-tone scheme for the outside, but you can go with whatever you feel. Get a 56 DeSoto advertisement flyer and look at the possibilities! Do keep us posted on you progress. I just wish my 56 was a clean to begin with as yours!


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