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1957 D-100 To HEMI or not to HEMI...that is the question.......

From: Lisa and Jay
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Date: November 20, 2002
Time: 20:47:02


We have a 57-D100 p/u stepside thats been in the family for over 40 years!!Still runs but she needs a new engine.Our question is... We want to replace the old flathead 6 cyl 3spd with a V-8 around that year.I have a complete non-running 1957 D-100 315 V-8 3spd parts truck for all the brackets,bell housing,fly wheel,linkage etc......can anyone tell me what to look for in engine/years that would be a "direct bolt in" possibly a 354 poly from a car or even a hemi would be a real nice touch..what engines can I use with little or hopefully no fabrications..the engine has the motor mount in the front..We want to surprise my ole' man when he turns the key after we're done with her and would rather bolt in a "bigger"(315-392?) hemi rather than the "baby"(241-etc?)while we're at it to get the best bang for the buck....also will a truck 4 speed be a direct bolt in with my 3 V-8 speed bell housing,four on the floor would be nice and we wouldn't miss that sloppy 3 on the tree either!........thanks Lisa and Jay..


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