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On the subject of the poly 325, and white taillights...

From: Kelly
Email: 21st century digital boy..
Remote Name:
Date: November 21, 2002
Time: 12:22:17


Hey guys...I know I asked this question before, but where can I get the 3x2 manifold for my 325? I want to get one, and I don't remember where you guys told me to go! I had to copy the rice rockets and get white taillights for the dodge. I replaced the red stop lights with nors reverse lights and got red l.e.d. bulbs. The bulbs themselves are white, so it is a trip to see. It is so much brighter than stock, and it draws next to NOTHING. I step on the brake, and the ammmeter doesn't move like it did when I had 1157s in it... I also ordered the AAJ kit the other day... That's it for me! see ya. --Kelly


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