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Re: Apology Accepted

From: Devon (suffering in the heat) in San Diego
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Date: November 21, 2002
Time: 12:36:26


I have a horrible habit of rubbing salt in the wounds of friends who make habits of reminding me of how lucky I am to be in the warm, sunny Southern California. With no cruel intentions, I must point out that it was 91 degrees in the shade of my banana and palm trees where Doreen is parked. Rust is actually a problem without salted roads when you live close to the Pacific ocean. I was fortunate to pickup this car in Central/Northern California in the Big Valley that is actually salt and humidity free. I am very fortunate that I have about a palm sized bit of rust in the trunk recess and driver's floor, but other than that, she is straight and begging for my attention. I have a beatiful '71 wife begging for attention to be given to our child (a '61 Cadillac named Betty). Betty is paving the way trying out local hot rod shop mechanics before I trust them with any real machine surgery on the DeSoto's pretty little powerplant. I do know what it is like to be cold...I mean, Jeesh, last year, when it rained that one day, the evening temperature dropped to a miserable 42 degrees. No serriously, I am not kidding...we are suffering a horrible dry-spell and to be sitting around barefoot, in shorts and tank tops at 10pm eating dinner and drinking beers a week before Thanksgiving sounds great, but there is little relief from this kind of suffering. Signing off from near Pardise, Devon, wishing all you Polar Bears loads of warm cheers over these winter months.


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