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Of low brake pedals and power steering leaks,,,

From: Norm P.
Remote Name:
Date: November 21, 2002
Time: 17:53:37


Hi! Just a couple of comments on the day I got to drive my 62 Newport wagon for the first time! Wow, what a greaat feeling! I removed the PS pump to check on a leak. I found the o-ring on the body to be flattened from age, with no reseal kits listed where I work, the local NAPA store. But we did have a match in our bulk o-ring selection, so that took care of that problem. However, since updating the rear axle/brakes and bleeding and adjusting all 4 wheels, I still had a low brake pedal. Firm but low. After some head scratching, I decided to check the master cylinder to see if the piston was returning, which it was. But on closer inspection, I found that the pushrod from the booster to the master cylinder was WAY out of adjustment, by about a 3/8 inch! Proper adjustment cured my low pedal problem. Just goes to show just because YOU didn't mess something up doesn't mean SOMEONE ELSE might not have! Grins from NW Montana! Norm


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