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Cracked Flexplate?

From: Chris Swanberg
Remote Name:
Date: November 21, 2002
Time: 20:46:56


Recently, being the good Dad (read sap) I am, I removed and rebult the a413 auto transmission on my daughters 94 Dopdge Shadow for her. It went well and I was a hero for about a month - when the car suddenly reportedly started making a horrible knocking racket. When I listened it seemed to be emanating from the bellhousing area - so my first through was maybe I had not adequtely torqued the flexplate/converter nuts. SO, I removed the lower plate cover and found all the nuts tight. It was late so I gave up and pondered - spun bearing, or what I wondered. A few days later I inspected the lower plate I had reoved and found score marks... the bolts HAD been hitting it, and when I started the motor the noise was GONE... but... WHY were the bolts not clearing it? My further research suggested a cracked flexplate - and another site recommended replacing the flexplate anytime you have the trannie out (NOW I hear that...) I do recall inspecting it visually, and not seeing anyting (but then not really LOOKING that close - I mean nothing was GROSSLY out of the eordinary to a casual eye). Anyone have any thoughts, ieas, suggestions? Any way I can confirm this potential diagnosis without removing the transmission? <sigh>... that would not make my day to have to R&R THAT again... Thanks for any and all help... Chris Swanberg


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